Our Cause

Bohemian Feelings was initially created to share the love for the Bohemian lifestyle with people around the world as well as to inspire our followers with motivational messages, inspirational topics and amazing products.
But as this movement grew, we saw the potential to get help from our audience to contribute to a beautiful cause. Bohemian Feelings was founded in Costa Rica, by Costa Ricans. But we love to help and serve people all around the world!
We decided to use a percentage of the profits of our store to help children with Cancer here in Costa Rica. We use the money to buy resources such as food, drinks, medicines, pay for monthly expenses, and also to host parties for the kids. Unfortunately they don't have a lot of resources.
We believe we can make a huge impact to these children with your help. Every sale made in this store contributes to our cause! We will be posting photos frequently on our social media profiles to share with you all the positive impact that is being made!
Our purpose is to expand the Bohemian movement and lifestyle, while leaving a good impact in the world by helping children in need. Thanks for being part of our community ❤️